Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mid-Semester BREAK!

harini da mula dah cuti mid-sem, but why the hell i am still at KL when I suppose to be at kampung now?? aghhhh... ini sume gara-gara kerja yang banyak dan cuti yang pendek.. huh, sori mak, frd rasanya xdapek balik cuti ni, maybe cuti depan bru farid balik. sian afiq dok tanya2 pasal farid suh balik. uwaa.... i've already called my mom, even though she seems pretty dull to hear my answer for not coming home this week, but I think she will understand it well.. so, dont worry much about that and concentrate on completing all the assignments!! right here, right now, encik Fahmi is in front of me still sleeping, ( I have no idea why is he still not awake although he fall asleep early last night), anyhow, adib is off to college to present the proposal for our trip to Bukit Cahaya during the end of this month, hoping that it will not be rejected.

3 peng-Komengs:

wah.,dh brabuk blog hang neh.huhu

aku tidur kau nak citer pun adoi.

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