Monday, September 27, 2010

Raya Day

seb baik sempat lagi nak tulis utk post raya.. wahaha.. ni la akibat kalo malas sangat nak tulis blog.. entry special raya ni nak tulis la skit pasal sedara mara yg datang kerumah.. special guest konfem la keluarga belah tok Dan aku, well, hes the last of my grandfathers on my mom side.. others has already passed away, so, it makes them so special to my family.. anyways, tok Dan and his family always give us a visit every year during hari raya as it is almost a tradition for them. its a pleasure for us too.. well, I can at least know my other side of the family too cause my mom always complaining that i know less about my own family members unlike my older sister.

well, Tok Dan is the youngest of his siblings..

sorry, a bit crowded, i can barely see any floor.. haha.. ^__^ (tipu)

click to view a larger image ^__^

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