Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I wanna ...

Few days back, was big~ nightmare to me. It's early in the morning where Adib, Fahmi and I spend the remaining time at the Sejuk room. you know, eating, chatting and sort of claiming and other thing la. Then Fahmi said, "Hey Farid, Kasut you koyak la". and I'm kinda like, "what?" are you joking or what. sort of la in my mind. then, I take a look, rolling-rolling my feet, lastly I realized. It's torn off already. shape like a fierce croc ready to eat something. haha. mybe you dont see it, but it's already there. Hmm.. maybe it's time for me to buy a new one. I called my mom, and she's like "apa? kasut koyak? ala.. go buy a new one la.. talk like u don't have any money." ermm.. ok, just wanna let my mama know what am I spending the money. anak mak. nanti Farid balik jgn lupa bt kueh raya banyak2.
so, I'm going to Jusco tomorrow since there's only 1 period of English class. I think fahmi will join me.(will ya?).

anyway, there are some of them that I reaally like from BATA. maybe I'll find something else while searching tomorrow. but this is quite good.
I love this one. it's RM69.90
I wonder is this ok or not. hate choosing.

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